Darn Pesky Fleas


Hi, Everyone. It is getting warm outside and we are getting beautiful weather here in Souther California. Having a pet ( Dog/ Cat) you have to worry about fleas issues on a pet as the weather is getting warmer.  My pest control guy told me before that the problem is not fleas. Fleas are easy to control, but the eggs are very difficult to control.  Since they lay for a long time until they are ready to hatch. If you are having fleas problems. I will strongly recommend you to contact with a local pest control company around your area!


It has been said that fleas lay eggs on your pet and female fleas breed up to 50 eggs a day. Those egg’s surface are very slippery, so eggs fall off on the floor or carpet. Especially bedding or your pet’s favorites space, usually finding fleas/ fleas eggs. Sometimes, people say ‘ my dog has no fleas, because we are using shampoo for fleas.’ But the truth is, it is just for temporary. Because when you go walk with your dog, your dog brings fleas from outside.

There is so much information online about fleas, but remember you need to get rid fo the flea’s eggs as possible as you can. If not, they keep hatching and breeding eggs….. and so on.


If you have any further questions or concerns about this blog post, please reach out to me or you can also call a local pest control service company. I am sure they will be happy to assist you!